Obsolete is a 3-piece metal band based out of Kayenta, Arizona which was founded in September 2010 and consists of Leon Boone (drums/lead vocals), Thomas Manwell (guitar) who joined the band in late 2015 & Randall Lee (guitar) who rejoined the band in early 2017.. Since doing their first show in February 2011, Obsolete has been getting a great response from fans and promoters with their music. Playing various cities throughout Arizona, New Mexico & Colorado, going out almost every other weekend since July 2011, played any show they were offered including small music fests such as Rezapalooza 2011 & 2012 (Towaoc, CO), Rocktober Fest (Shiprock NM), Buried in the Boonies (Tohajiilee, NM), and more. Obsolete even had the honor to play the debut of the West Coast Chill energy drink in March 2012 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Also having the pleasure to share the stage with bands like Murder Death Kill, Destruction of a King, The Devastated, Blameshift, Fate of the Hopeless, Reign Of Vengeance, Impurity of Mriya, Signal 99 & many more. From the day Obsolete's first single "War of the Worlds" off their Debut EP was released, the band handed out over 400 CDs containing the single, hoping to bring the hype up about their 2012 release. The single got over 500 plays though the youtube video and the bands reverbnation in only a couple of months.

The first few months, the band started off as a three piece. After practicing hard and getting more and more songs done, they decided to go into studio, December 2010 in Colorado Springs, Depar Studios, to record a 3 song demo which later became their EP.
After a few lineup changes and complications with other members, Obsolete decided to stay as a 2 piece band, which then Leon, at the time was the bands bassist, decided to become the bands drummer and stay as lead vocalist. Occasionally having a fill-in guitarist/bassist for live performances.
In October 2011, Obsolete inked a deal with Kandy Records (NM) to have their single be included on the "Major Label Rejects Vol 2" compilation. After the release of the compilation, the single War of the Worlds was played over KSJD radio station based out of Cortez Colorado, marking the first ever radio play for the band. Since then, the single has been getting played over various radio stations including KDUR (Colorado), Monsoon Radio (Arizona), and others. The Major Label Rejects compilation also made an article in the Navajo Times (NM) newspaper, where Obsolete's name is mentioned. Obsoletes song "Mentor" is also included in 2013's edition of "Major Label Rejects".

Obsolete released their 4 song debut EP in February 2012, and have been hard at promoting the EP since. It is sold through the band and several online stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Big Cartel. In July 2012, Obsolete released their second single titled "Mankinds Suppression" which was recorded at Sound Studios.

It has been said by numerous fans: "Obsolete goes on stage as 2, but delivers the energy and performance that a full band gives."


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